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Giamarie Daino, Psy.D. obtained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, P.A. The program was APA-accredited. As part of her degree, Dr. Daino received a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy. She received her pre-doctoral training at Pilgrim Psychiatric Center in New York and post-doctoral training at Citrus Health Network in Miami, Florida. Both of the programs were APA-accredited.


Before completion of her doctorate degree, Dr. Daino received two Masters Degrees, one in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and the other in Psychology. She has always been invested in the field of psychology. While obtaining her graduate degrees, she taught as an Adjunct professor where she developed and taught various psychology courses for a period of over seven years.


Dr. Daino has extensive experience in psychology and has loved every minute of her professional journey. She served as the former Chief Psychologist and Director of Behavioral Health for multiple Correctional facilities across Miami-Dade County. She has worked in various treatment settings including community mental health centers, medical hospitals, jails, schools, immigration centers, and psychiatric and forensic hospitals.


Dr. Daino has worked with clients with severe and persistent mental illness, PTSD, victims of sex trafficking and abuse, individuals suffering from substance abuse, individuals involved in the criminal justice system, immigrants, and those that identify as LGBTQ. She is trained in cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, family systems, TF-CBT, and dialectic behavior therapeutic modalities. 


Dr. Daino also has experience working with celebrities, influencers, models, artists/performers, and other clients with high-profile public positions. 

Dr. Daino is passionate about her work. She takes on a non-judgmental, person-centered approach that takes into account the many complexities of the human condition. She has the goal of working collaboratively with each of her clients while they walk towards their journey of healing.

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